Tips on How to Buy Clothes for Your Baby

It is a truth widely acknowledged that babies have no fashion sense. But be it as it may, they still need, and want, to be clothed. In the next few paragraphs, we share with you tips on how to buy clothes for your baby.You should ideally start planning on buying clothes for your baby while the baby is still on its way. It is normal for parents to use unisex clothing for a newborn these days. Once they are a few weeks old you can go out and get them sex-appropriate clothing. This usually means that girls get all pink-colored clothes and boys get something different. But you are of course free to decide what color or style you want to use for them.Factors to Consider Before Buying Baby ClothesBabies hate it if their head is covered. This means that you should avoid garments that take an effort to put on and take off – best are the ones that are easy to put on and take off. Also, it would be a much easier experience for you and your baby if you went for garments with snaps, rather than the ones with buttons, because snaps are easier to do than buttons, and babies are not really known for their patience.Babies are known to put things in their mouth. And this means not just stuff they pick up from the ground. Buttons, sequins and snaps all are choking hazards, so always check that these attachments are not easily undone.Your baby’s comfort is your first priority. Clothes with seams on the inside, that may pinch the baby, are out. Garments with tight elastic bands are out. Clothes with metal zippers, protruding snaps or large buttons are out. Soft fabrics are another option that helps with the comfort factor.Ensure that you are buying flame retardant clothing. This is especially true for sleepwear.Baby Clothes SizesBabies grow fast. It is always a better idea to buy clothes a size or two larger. Also note that loose fitting clothes are always preferable to tight fitting clothes any day.Baby cloth sizes are based on the age of the baby in months. The sizes are usually a number followed by the letter “M”. An average sized 5 month old baby’s cloth size would be 5M. But keep in mind that these are average cloth sizes – your baby may be a bit smaller or larger for its age.Babies do not really need shoes, because they don’t really walk or use them otherwise. But as part of winter clothing, they will need to have their feet covered, so be sure to get them some booties. But even in summer it’s a good idea to get a pair of crib shoes.Buying Baby Clothes OnlineBuying cheaper baby clothes makes a lot of sense. It is not of interest to a baby how costly their baby suit is – the comfort of the baby suit is the more important factor as far as the cloth goes. With all the online retailers available nowadays, you not only get a wide variety of clothes to choose from, but also get a very good deal on pricing. This is especially true if you buy during discount summer and winter sales.

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